Rubber Lining Services Australia unashamedly takes its quality inspiration from the progressive leaders in the field. Prior to founding RLSA, Director Brenten Dwyer had the privilege of working with a wide selection of specialist providers to the mining, resource and telecommunications industries. Those who set the quality bar high left a lasting impression.

From the first days of RLSA, Brenten has worked to outfit his company with every quality certification demanded by the industry; something that he considers simply the ‘base line’ for a progressive business.

Brenten’s industry experience includes supplying to the particularly rigorous BHP Billiton Olympic Dam ‘S36’ site standard for rubber lining.

Brenten’s plans for the future of RLSA include a continuing and progressive focus on quality practise and certification, including at least two full time employees carrying NACE International Coating Inspector level 1, 2 and 3 Certification.

“When you look beyond your own back yard and take the time to find out for yourself what’s possible – as opposed to what’s average – it opens your eyes to new opportunities and higher standards. You start gaining an appreciation of the tremendous value a quality focus can have for a business. Excellence attracts its own company – why would any business want to settle for second best?”

Brenten Dwyer

Director, Rubber Lining Services Australia

Quality accredited for the mining industry.